Louis Armstrong - Golden Hits (3CD)
Музыка - Всё
Автор: AlexF   
11.09.2012 22:16

by AlexF

Исполнитель: Louis Armstrong

Альбом: Golden Hits 

Год выхода: 2008

Жанр: Jazz

Формат: MP3

Продолжительность: 03:44:25




  1 CD:

      01. Blueberry Hill

      02. Dream A Little Dream Of Me (With Ella Fitzgerald)

      03. Cheek To Cheek (With Ella Fitzgerald)

      04. A Kiss To Build A Dream On

      05. Cold Cold Heart

      06. Love Is Here To Stay (With Ella Fitzgerald)

      07. La Via En Rose

      08. Can Anyone Explain (With Ella Fitzgerald)

      09. Margie

      10. Ain`t Misbehavin`

      11. Oops! (With Ella Fitzgerald)

      12. Basin Street Blues

      13. Beale Street Blues

      14. Would You Like To Take A Walk (With Ella Fitzgerald)

      15. All That Meat And No Potatoes

      16. April In Portugal

      17. Atlanta Blues

      18. That`s What The Man Said

      19. Big Butter And Egg Man (With Velma Middleton) 

      20. Otchi-tchor-ni-ya

  2 CD:

      01. A Foggy Day (With Ella Fitzgerald)

      02. I Get Ideas

      03. I'll Walk Alone

      04. Let's Call The Whole Thing Off (With Ella Fitzgerald)

      05. It's All In The Game

      06. If

      07. The Nearness Of You (With Ella Fitzgerald)

      08. How Long Has This Been Going On

      09. Whet It's Sleepy Time Down South

      10. Unless

      11. Moments To Remember

      12. Someday You'll Be Sorry

      13. Ramona

      14. Mack The Knife

      15. Gone Fishin'

      16. Loveless Love (With Velma Middleton)

      17. Skokiaan

      18. Indian Love Call

      19. Because Of You

      20. You Rascal You

  3 CD:

      01. When The Red, Red, Robin, Comes Bob, Bob Bobbin' Along

      02. They Can't Take That Away From Me (With Ella Fitzgerald)

      03. Kiss Of Fire

      04. Takes Two To Tango

      05. You're Just In Love

      06. Ole Miss Blues (With Velma Middleton)

      07. Who Walks In When I Walk Out (With Ella Fitzgerald)

      08. The Whiffenpoof Song

      09. Necessary Evil (With Ella Fitzgerald)

      10. My Sweet Hunk O'trash (With Billie Holiday)

      11. Squeeze Me (With Velma Middleton)

      12. St. Louis Blues

      13. That Lucky Old Sun

      14. Yellow Dog Blues (With Velma Middleton)

      15. Summertime (With Ella Fitzgerald)

      16. Your Cheatin' Heart

      17. You're The Apple Of My Eye

      18. Sit Down, You're Rocking The Boat

      19. C'est Si Bon

      20. Baby It?s Cold Outside Parts 1&2 (With Ella Fitzgerald)


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